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The Association of Russian Neurosurgeons presents "The Russian Journal of Neurosurgery" which was founded by Moscow Association of Neurosurgeons in 1998. This journal is on the list of leading peer-reviewed journals, recommended by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for doctoral thesis publications.

"The Russian Journal of Neurosurgery" is subscription edition. Indexes for subscription by "State Press Committee of the Russian Federation" catalogue:
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Dear colleagues!

The editorial board of "The Russian Journal of Neurosurgery" and Committee of Moscow Association of Neurosurgeons thank authors, sending their papers for publication in our journal.

The editorial board receives reviews from all regions of Russian Federation and CIS as well as from some foreign countries. All columns of journal are aroused interests and readers' desires are taken into consideration during arrangement the regular issues.

We are looking forward for your papers.

The editorial board will accept gratefully all reviews, remarks and desires during arrangement the regular issues.

Postal address:
129010, 3, B. Sukharevskaya square, Moscow, Russian Federation
Scientific Research Institute of Emergency Care n.a. N.V. Sklifosovsky, neurosurgical department.
V.V. Krylov or I.M. Godkov.

Editorial office phones: +7 (495) 621-94-06; +7 (495) 680-50-98